Discover how to get Master Magician
Austin Brooks to perform Incredible Magic At Your Next Event

Austin can elevate the experience for almost any kind of event or gathering. Contact us today to learn how Austin's magic will help make your event something your guest will talk about for long time.

All Shows Contain the Following Features

Stunning Original Magic

There are no staid linking ring or rope tricks here.  Austin performs ultra modern and uniques feats of magic such as the Russian roulette with power drills, paint ball bullet catch and breathtaking mind reading with a replica of the famous painting the "Mona Lisa".

Beautiful Sleight of Hand

Austin is one of few magicians in the world that can claim the title Master Magician. Graduating from the famed Chavez College of Manual Dexterity and Prestidigitation, Austin performs this highly specialized form of magic that can take more than a decade to master.

Hilarious Interactions

Austin takes his experience from headling in comedy clubs and opening for some of today's most famous comedians  like Kevin Nealon, The Amazing Johnathan, and Judy to deliver a polished yet entertaining mixture of comedy and magic.

Some of Austin's Top Clients

Watch Austin perform his famous Card Routine at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA 

​Video Showcase

Here is a clip from Austin's award winning show at the world famous Magic Castle.

This one of many videos you can watch to what kind of awesome magic Austin will bring to your event